2016 – New Metal Roof

Aerial View of the new roof


You may have noticed the construction activity at Hampton church that took place back in October-November 2016.

The sanctuary received a much needed new roof.

The asbestos shingles and two chimneys were removed and a synthetic underlayment and a new metal roof was installed.

Quality Canadian Home Improvements were hired and they worked closely with an abatement team to properly remove the asbestos shingles and ensure the safety of the workers and the community.

If you are curious about the process we’ve included some pictures below taken during construction, as you can imagine, it was quite a feat considering the height and steepness of the roof.

Insert photos here – more coming….


The cost of the new roof was an expense of $96,000. In order to cover the cost Hampton U.C. received a loan of $72,000, along with a grant of 24,000, from the larger United Church organization.

We undertook this project to preserve our connection to the heritage of the community’s founders to ensure the church can be sustainable place for the community to come together for generations to come.

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