About Us

Hampton United Church

5454 Scugog Road
P.O. Box 191
Hampton, Ontario
Phone: 905-263-8664
Email   eldad-hampton@bellnet.ca


Rev Ned Wells
Reverend Ned Wells

Office: 905-263-8664
Cell:  905-926-5994
Reverend Wells is the minister for Eldad/Hampton Pastoral Charge.

Rev. Wells will be taking a period of leave from January 1st to January 22nd, 2018.

If during this time in January 2018 a pastoral care need arises, contact Rev. Susanne Abbhul who is the minister at Kedron United Church. She can be contacted at 289-387-0667 or by email at susanne.abbuhl@utoronto.ca.

Luanne Payne will be taking on the role of church secretary and will act as central point of communication, feel free to contact her for any concerns or questions during Reverend Ned’s absence. She can be reached as noted below.

Organist, Choir & Bells/Chimes Director

Organist Barb B
Barbara Breckenridge

Phone: 1-905-430-0815



Sunday School Coordinator & Bulletin Secretary

Sunday School Luanne
Luanne Payne

for inquiries regarding our Sunday School program.
Phone: 905-263-4727
Email: luanne.payne@sympatico.ca
Please send announcements for the bulletin to Luanne by Wednesday evening to ensure it is included in that Sunday’s bulletin.

Church Hall Bookings

Bookings Sonia
Sonia Parfitt

for facilities rental information
Phone: 905-263-2040
Email: sparfitt99@gmail.com


For weddings or baptisms or funerals

During Rev. Ned’s leave in January 2018 he will not be performing weddings, baptisms, nor funerals.  Please contact Luanne above if you have any questions or concerns (see contact info. above).