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Word Art Rooted in Faith

At Hampton United Church you will find a community that cherishes the history of this community and the heritage that has been passed on to us.  We work to honour the wisdom of our foremothers and fathers, while also responding to the challenges of our ever-changing world.  We recognize that people coming to our church are at different places on their spiritual journeys.  The ministry of our church is focused on creating a space so that wherever you may be on your journey you can find others to learn and grow with.

Weekly worship services times to your right.  You are always welcome.

“Five Great Reasons to Attend This Sunday”
  1. You’ve been looking for a sign from God. Here is it!
  2. Worship and Prayer reduce stress and brings us closer together with our loved ones. Who doesn’t want that?
  3. You’ve been saying you want to make new friends and here are a bunch of people who want the same thing.
  4. You realize life is more than work, and sense a spiritual side of yourself that needs some attention.
  5. Who doesn’t like free coffee and donuts? We’re all seeking grace, forgiveness, and greater meaning. Sometimes God gets things started with a Timbit. 


Painting of Hampton Church by Brad Cowen 2019

Pictured on the right, a painting of Hampton United Church
by Brad Cowan (2019).

This was Brad’s gift of appreciation to Rev. Ned Wells, upon his leaving, for his inspiration.

Thanks to Brad for sharing a photo of it with us. It is absolutely beautiful!

Recent Events

December 24, 2019 – “Christmas Eve Service”
– An interactive “Story of Jesus” was presented.

Christmas Eve Service 2019 7a

December 8, 2019 – “White Gift & Mitten Tree Service”
– The children presented “The Littlest Christmas Tree”.