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April 2/2020 – Bible Study

A Short Bible Study for this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday, from your retired supply minister Rev. Jim.

Folks: greetings and blessings in this uncertain and testing time.

It is always good to connect our life to our scriptures, and our scriptures to our life.
To paraphrase a Psalm: “You, God, will keep them in perfect peace – those whose minds and hearts focus on you.”
So Palm Sunday is this Sunday!
Please read the gospel of Mark, chapter 11, verses 1-11, the ‘triumphal entry’.
Please take each question slowly, with time for your own memories.
If  you are in a household with more than one person, you could ask each other these questions, and take time to answer.
1] Do you have a memory of marching somewhere? A parade? Into a stadium? A protest? A beauty pageant?
2] Did you get to march around church with a Palm as a child on Palm Sunday? Did the adults march too? Why not?

Verse 7: Is there any other place in the gospels where Jesus rode instead of walked?
Background: Kings coming in peace rode donkeys. For war: horses.
Reflection: People cheered then, but the mood would change suddenly, wouldn’t it?

Do I sometimes praise God one day and blame God the next?
How do I praise and find peace while in pandemic restrictions?

In addition, feel free to read Luke 22:7-13, getting ready for their last supper. Does it seem that Jesus knew other folks the disciples weren’t aware of? What might that say to us about God in these times?

Blessings as you prepare and are strengthened by your faith. There will be a live webcast of music, message and prayer on Sunday at 11, (God willing) –Rev. Jim

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Notice Update: March 23, 2020, 12:29 a.m.

Re: Eldad-Hampton Pastoral Charge of the United Church – Hampton Community Members regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Greetings Friends of the United Church of Canada in Hampton & Solina (Hampton and Eldad United Churches)

We find ourselves in rapidly changing times with COVID-19. In keeping with the advice of the Moderator of the United Church, the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, and of colleagues in ministry,

it has been decided to hold online services as we all practice “Social Distance”. (See sidebar “What is Social Distance” for details.)
Please see above for details regarding a “live” webcaste from Hampton held on Facebook and which will also be posted above.
Again during this time all church gatherings and meetings are also cancelled. 
We will continue to re-evaluate the situation.

We have a high percentage of ‘vulnerable’ people in our churches.

It is our responsibility at this phase of the virus situation, to prevent all possible chains of transmission; which are all by near human contact.

We know that our communities of faith are important places of comfort, support and strength in the midst of turbulent times. We have not made this decision easily. Your physical health as well as your emotional and spiritual health are most important to us.

The welfare of our community members is at the heart of concern.

Rev. James Feairs
and The Official Board (Eldad-Hampton Pastoral Charge of the United Church)

Hampton United Church

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At Hampton United Church you will find a community that cherishes the history of this community and the heritage that has been passed on to us.  We work to honour the wisdom of our foremothers and fathers, while also responding to the challenges of our ever-changing world.  We recognize that people coming to our church are at different places on their spiritual journeys.  The ministry of our church is focused on creating a space so that wherever you may be on your journey you can find others to learn and grow with.

Weekly worship services times to your right.  You are always welcome.

“Five Great Reasons to Attend This Sunday”
  1. You’ve been looking for a sign from God. Here is it!
  2. Worship and Prayer reduce stress and brings us closer together with our loved ones. Who doesn’t want that?
  3. You’ve been saying you want to make new friends and here are a bunch of people who want the same thing.
  4. You realize life is more than work, and sense a spiritual side of yourself that needs some attention.
  5. Who doesn’t like free coffee and donuts? We’re all seeking grace, forgiveness, and greater meaning. Sometimes God gets things started with a Timbit. 

Recent Events

February 24 – Explorers dramatic walk-through of the story of Jonah.
Which included a very large “Infatable Whale” – nothing more memorable than being inside a big fish to remember Jonah’s story!

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