Life and Work of our Community of Faith

Below you will find:

1) Church Notices
2) Events Calendar for the Eldad/Hampton Pastoral Charge
3) Weekly Church Groups Schedule
4) Local Events, including Hampton Hall News
5) Link to Eldad’s U.C. Facebook page

1) Church Notices

1. Samaritan’s Purse1916451_179930122590_175943_n

Thanks to all who participated in Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child!

12 boxes were collected and delivered to Harmony Rd. Baptist Church. Also, several others indicated they were donating boxes online via Samaritan’s Purse.

Liz Bateman

2. Seeking Prayers for Sunday Services

Hi, everyone:

There is great opportunity for everyone to help shape our Sunday service experience by writing “Prayers For Gifts & Givers” and “Prayers Of The People”.

Use the power of what is called “Corporate Prayer” — all of us praying together with the intention of healing the world and its people from all that ails it while delivering hope, faith and comfort to those needing it most.

“Prayers For Gift Givers” focuses our thoughts on fueling ministers, worship leaders and congregations with inspiration, wisdom and strength to continue their efforts in delivering The Good News into their local communities and through the mission work they do beyond those borders.
Here’s an example:
“Bless the work of all communities of faith in our region of East Central Ontario, remembering today especially its minister, worship leaders and congregation of Newcastle United Church in Newcastle, Ontario and all that they contribute to carrying forth the word and promises of God into their community. Strengthen the mission and the faith of all who seek you, with the help of your Holy Spirit; we pray in Christ’s name, Amen.”

Send your prayers by email to Luanne Payne at
OR message the Eldad Facebook page.

3. Messages from the Eldad-Hampton Official Board

a) Pastoral Care for September through December, 2020

Rev. Jeff Doucette, of Enniskillen-Tyrone United Church, has kindly agreed to continue covering pastoral care for Hampton/Eldad Church’s during the period of October through December 2020. To contact him call 905.626.1438.

b) Eldad and Hampton Church’s reopening?

Both churches remain closed.

Our plan is to continue “live” streaming Sunday Services, Sundays at 11 a.m.

c) Preparation and Search Process for New Minister

The Pastoral Charge Search Committee reported their next step is to interview past ministers and our own M&P (Ministry & Personnel) to help with creating our story, the story of Hampton and Eldad churches. Our strengths, weaknesses, and any problems we face. This can assist a perspective ministers in seeing if we would make a good fit.

Please pray for God’s spirit of discernment to be at work both in our churches/community and in our future minister.

2) Events Calendar ~ Eldad/Hampton Pastoral Charge


Dec. 16th (Wed) – Search Committee Meeting @ 7:00 pm (online)

January (2021)

All Committee 2019 Reports due the end of January for annual report.

Jan. 13th (Wed) – Official Board Meeting @ 7:00 p.m. (online)


Feb. 7th (Sunday) – Congregational Meeting time TBD, details of how we will meet TBD.

3) Weekly Church Groups Schedule

Due to Corvid-19 ALL church groups cancelled until further notice.


~ Explorers (Girls ages 6-12): 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Hampton U.C. in C.E. Wing (link).  Click link for the registration form for the 2019-2020 season.  If you miss the fall registration night no problem, just sign-up at any Monday night meeting, check with Luanne first to make sure we are not out somewhere special that evening.


~ Ladies Coffee Time: 10-11:30 am at Hampton U.C. in Centennial Room (link). All welcome!


~ Euchre Club: 7 pm at Hampton U.C. in the C.E. Wing (link). All Welcome!


~ Bell Practice: 5:15 pm at Hampton U.C. (link)
~ Choir Practice: 7:00 pm at Hampton U.C. (link)
We are always looking for new members!

4) Local  Events

Hampton Community Hall News – See the Village of Hampton website for current events

5) Eldad United ChurchEldad Facebook

[1848 Concession Rd 6, just East of Solina]

For current events and happenings see their Facebook page @

Updated Nov. 29, 2020