2018 Sunday School Highlights

2018 Sunday School Highlights

Michael Mouse – Christmas Adventure
Michael Mouse

Presented by the Sunday School Children at the White Gift Service on Dec. 9th, 2018. This skit was original found on the United Church website from an edition of the Loaves and Fishes Magazine. I recently discovered, in an online search that it was originally published in the book “Cloth for the Cradle”, author John L. Bell, Iona Community – Wild Goose Publications, 1997.

Michael Mouse goes on a journey to Bethlehem hoping to see the new born baby King the angels sang of. We adapted this skit to be a narrated pupped skit, so all the children could participate. The puppeteers added sound effects and repeated their lines in chorus.

Michael Mouse bows 2

Thanks to:

  • Marilyn Burns and Marilyn Walsh who dealt with the bedlam that ensued between scene changes with 14 kids and numerous puppets.
  • To our organist, Jennifer Pearce-Chambers, for playing the music for the service and during the puppet skit.
  • To Karen Dair for helping in front of the stage.
  • And also to the ladies who helped out in the kitchen.

Peter Sinks – Jesus Saves! – April 2018

Water-telling Workshop

In this “hands-in” lesson, after hearing a storyteller’s version of the Bible story, students gathered around “The Sea of Galilee” to re-enact the story with an extra focus on the meaning of the waves and boat in the story, and watch their fears sink.

Pictured below is our “Sea of Galilee” (a storage container half-full of water), storytelling figures on sticks, and our paper boats.

Boat & Butter Workshopcommunion

Students filled their “boat” container with heavy cream, then shake, rattle and rolled their boat –through a variety of teacher-led exercises, until it produced butter (our results pictured below). This “object lesson” focused their attention on the metaphor of the boat as a place where we share the experience and challenges of believing, and what it means to be a disciple according to Jesus. (Oddly enough, it doesn’t mean we have a lot of faith!) The result of these faith activities is a tasty message that needs to be spread!

The “Shaking” Activity included listening and rockin’ along to the wonderful song by Finding Favour called “Shake the World.” In the Reflection activity we spread some of our butter on Communion bread.

Faith Through the Roof – February 2018

God’s Story Table Workshop

After hearing the story the students recreated the scene on God’s Story Table, while we discussed the story and it’s meaning, using a wooden bible time house and Playmobil®.

We then moved out to the hallway and gathered around a very large bucket of Lego® and the children proceeded to each build their own scene of “Faith Through the Roof”!