2017 Christmas Eve Service

There is nothing more that brings in those heartwarming feelings of Christmas and the Birth of our saviour “Christ” than the feelings triggered by sound, touch, smell, and sight, than attending the Christmas Eve Service every year.

2017 Christmas Eve Photo Orignial Size

Imagine the music of “Silent Night” filling the church as everyone raised their voices in praise and candlelight filled the church.




Eldad United Church

Eldad 1

Eldad United Church

1848 Concession Rd 6
Solina, ON
L0B 1J0

Eldad U.C. and Hampton U.C. together form the two-point charge called the “Eldad/Hampton Pastoral Charge” of The United Church of Canada.

Eldad United Church is located at 1848 Concession Rd. 6 (at the corner of Conc. Rd. 6 & Werry Rd.), Solina, ON.

Eldad U.C. – Heritage

Built in 1855, this church replaced a smaller wooden one. Continue reading “Eldad United Church”

1874 – Construction Began

church with steeple 2

Construction on the Hampton United Church started on May 7, 1874, when the Honourable Senator John Simpson laid the first cornerstone. The property once was the site of a hotel, but that building was relocated across the street and moved North and exists today as a house.

The community celebrated the opening of the Church in February with morning, afternoon and evening services, as well as a dinner that cost a total of 75 cents per person! Continue reading “1874 – Construction Began”