2019 Safe Food Handling Workshop

Workshop on
Safe Food Handling
was held on
Tuesday, September 17th, 2019
from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
sponsored by Hampton Women United.

The workshop leader was Kymberly Crawford from Durham College. There was no cost to participate. Safe Food Handling accreditation will soon be a required element in providing food for groups of people in public spaces. Both Eldad & Hampton were well represented!




Thank you’s… On behalf of Hampton Women United, thank you attendees for your support of today’s seminar on Safe Food Handling. I am well aware that many of us were, at times, pushed a bit (or more than a bit) beyond our comfort levels. It was a substantial amount of information to process in a short amount of time. As well, I don’t know anyone who says, “Oh! A test! I just LOVE writing tests! SO excited!”. You all were great sports and I think we are now more aware and better able to meet the standards expected of us as we prepare and serve food to others.

Bottom line: any knowledge that we, as individuals or as a group, gain that will lead to an improvement in our “best practices “ is a big step forward. Congratulations on being an important part of the team that will assume leadership in accomplishing this improvement in our churches.

Thank you for your time, your positivity and your enthusiasm. Thanks also to all of you who pitched in to help make the day a success – planning, distributing materials, setting up and cleaning up after. I hope that you’ll all put your feet up with a nice cold “lemonade” and enjoy your evening.


Lynda Killens