Explorers 2018-2019

Year 2 ~ Overview in pictures!

What We Did!

Fall Camp “Fisher’s of MenEnd of Camp 4
@ Darlington Provincial Park
(Sept 7, 8 & 9/18)

Friday Evening Camp

Sitting round the campfire.

Camp Craft Time

Fishers of Men Camp Mug 9_7_18

Camp Mug – coloured Fisher’s of Men insert for their camp mug.

Fishers of Men Camp Seek and Find Art 9_7_18

God’s Creation – Seek & Find Pictures

These were fun! The girls selected from an assortment of camp scene pictures and traced the scene onto a write-on transparency sheet with a black marker. Once their background scene was complete they added hidden animals into their scene. Lastly, they attached a black background and cut-out and coloured their paper flashlight and voila ~ you have a Search and Find picture of God’s Creatures at Camp.

Camp Night WalkSnap Dragons

Observing Snap Dragon Flowers and why they are called “Snap”, touch one and you’ll see!

We observed all the different intricate spider webs and varying sizes of spiders that had come out for their evening supper (insects caught in their webs).

Camp Fire

We enjoyed roasting hotdogs and marshmallows on the camp fire. Fric and Frac told the story of the first disciples and then we did our first Camp Mad-Lib, then finished off the evening with some camp fire songs.

Saturday Camp

Camp Breakfast – pancakes or cereal, and fruit.

Camp Craft TimeFishers of Men Buttons

Camp Hat Buttons & Fisher’s of Men Camp Pencils.

Camp Beach Time

1) ~Treasure Hunt ~ searching for small rocks of unusual shape or colour for a later special craft project.

2)~Sand Castle Building.

3)~Fish made with lots of rocks gathered from up and down the beach.

Camp Beach Photo 4

4)~Observing a Monarch caterpillar on their favorite food source—Milkweed.


Camp Craft – “I Will Follow Jesus” Paperweight

Here the girls inserted the small rocks they found earlier on the beach into the clay. Can you see the two sets of footprints ~ Jesus and them?

Here the girl’s had some fun with the leftover clay!

Camp Lunch– make your own combination taco salad.

Camp Playground Time & Parachute Play

Camp Tagging Monarchs

We lucked out on Saturday afternoon and were able to attend a talk on ‘Monarch butterflies” and the girls got to tag and then release a monarch butterfly.

Below is a snippet from the Park’s Blog on the Monarch Butterflies

“Near summer’s end, Monarch butterflies begin to migrate south to Mexico. Darlington Provincial Park is part of a greater Monarch conservation program and tags Monarch butterflies at its annual migration festival held in early September. This popular event attracts young families who are encouraged to help with the tagging. Even though up to 100 million Monarchs migrate every fall, this butterfly is threatened by pollution. Tagging the Monarchs helps to track their numbers.”

Below is a video of one of the girl’s being shown how to tell if her Monarch was a male or female, tagging it (they were each given a matching tag number card), then were shown how to hold it so they could take it out into the open to release it.

Here also is a link to the Monarch Tagging site https://monarchwatch.org/tagging/.

Below are photos of each of the girls helping to tag a Monarch butterfly and then releasing it.

Heading back to Camp

End of Camp 1

Camp Game – Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt

Camp Dinner – pasta, sauce, cheese and veggies & dip.

Camp Fire

We enjoyed Blueberry Cobbler cooked over the camp fire for dessert and S’mores Cones. We played “Conversation Starters Game, filled-in activity sheets on the Fisher’s of Men, and enjoyed doing more Camp Mad Libs, then finished the evening singing camp fire songs.

Sunday Morning Camp

End of Camp 6

Camp Breakfast – oatmeal or cereal, grapes and blueberries.

Pack-up Time

Fishers of Men Camp Fun Foam Fish 9_9_18

Waiting for Parents Camp Craft Time

Fisher’s of Men Fun Foam Fish Mosaic.

Pickup and home!

Get to Know You Games & Tag Necklaces
(First Meeting – Sept 17/18)

Played get to know you games like “My Name is, I like…., I don’t like….”; “Crazy Chairs”, and ended with making Tag Team Necklaces – where girls decorated 6 key tags, one to keep, and five to give away to their fellow Explorers.

Tag Team Tags 1

Explorers Purpose and Emblem
(Sept 24/18)

Evening activities included: Globe Trotting Prayers Game, Felt Emblems, Explorers Purposes Order Race, Get to Know You Pose Game, Sang our theme song “Pass It On” and ended with Pass It On hand squeeze.

Felt Emblems 9_24_18

Night Walk
(Oct 1/18)

Everyone met at Kim’s and then we headed north on our night walk (lucky us – no rain) down to the Enniskillen Conservation Area.

Once there we paused for a quick photo shoot under the entrance sign.

Enniskillen Conservation Walk 2018

Then we enjoyed walking the Turtle Trail before heading back to our starting point.

Ornament Making
(Oct 15 & Oct 22, 2018)

To raise funds to support our “free” Explorers program the girls created hand-made Christmas Ornaments.

These the girls were giving out, for a donation, at the Hampton United Church Christmas Craft & Bake Sale that took place on November 3rd, 2018 from 9am – 2pm.

Here are the girls hard at work making the ornaments.

Party Night
(Oct 29, 2018)

Girls were invited to wear a costume, if they wished. We started the evening off looking up verses of Thanksgiving in the Bible.

Games: 1) Guess How Many? (Candy Corn in a jar); 2) Blow Your Leaf – teams raced leaves by blowing them along with a straw; 3) Turkey Waddle – relay race waddling along while trying to keep a balloon between their legs.

Craft: Yarn Pumpkin

Make a Snack: Monster Marshmallows

Christmas Craft Show & Bake SaleDSC04016
(Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018)

The girls raised funds of $416.00 for their Explorers program. They told people about the program and kindly asked for donations to support it. As a donation thank you, donators could choose from handmade gifts made by the girls: Christmas Ornaments, Chocolate Mint Suckers, Gift Tags, etc.


Famous “Canadian” Women
(Nov. 5, 2018)

Tonight the girls learned about several famous Canadian Women. We broke into groups of two and the girls were given material to research their famous Canadian Women and learn a song (sung to a familiar tune) about that women’s story. From their research, they filled in a worksheet with the woman’s name, what she was famous for, and what character traits she had that helped her be the woman she was. Each group then shared their findings and the information was written onto a chart. Then they sang their song to the group. Next week we’ll be doing famous women of the bible and the week after we will be comparing the two groups of women.

Famous “Women” of the Bible
(Nov. 12, 2018)

Tonight the girls learned about several famous Women of the Bible. We broke into groups and the girls selected a Women of the Bible from the material provided to research their choice. They filled out a worksheet with the woman’s name, her story summary, and what character traits she had that helped her be the woman she was. They then practiced a short skit and a song about their woman of the bible.

We then all gathered together and each group presented their Women’s story and performed a skit & song about same.Self Portrait Beth 2

At a future meeting we’ll be comparing the two groups of women (famous Canadian Women and Women of the Bible) .

The girls also traced each other’s pose onto large rolls of paper. On Feb. 28/19 we finally had a chance to review the women we had studied and the girl’s added their own character traits to their body outline drawing. Pictured, one of the girls shows the pose she did that was traced and she later completed.

Here are some photos of the girls doing their skits on Women of the Bible.

Self-Defense Class at Redemption Muay Thai,
in Bowmanville (Nov. 26, 2018)

Last night the girl’s got a real workout at Redemption along with learning a few simple moves to take down their partner.

Self Defense Class Funny Faces 2018

Above, posing at the end of the class with their best funny faces for the instructors.

Thanks to the gang at redemption for a very fun evening, the girls had a blast!

Below is a slideshow of some of the moves the girls were put through.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Black Light Camp “Night of Light”
(Nov 30th – Dec 1st, 2018)

Black Light 08

Our 2nd Annual “Black Light” Theme Church Sleepover – where everything and everyone glowed under black lights.

Friday Evening – Black Light Activities

IMG_0226When the girls arrived at 6pm they received a bandana with their name printed on it in neon paint, and a couple of glow-in-the-dark necklaces.Black Light 06

The girls began the evening by having their nails painted, in neon colours, at the nail polish station.

This was followed by a Flashlight Books of the Bible Scavenger Hunt. Where the girls pulled a bible book card, from a fish bowl, grabbed a flashlight, then headed up into the dark church sanctuary to find their cards match. With the lights off and their card hidden on any give church pew it was a fun time searching with their flashlight. Once their match was found it was back downstairs to the Bible Book wall to match their bible book card to the match card on the board and then leaving the duplicate in box provided. Then back to the fish bowl and upstairs to find a new match.

Next we broke into groups and hit the Black Light Stations: Plinko, Bowling, Mini Putt, Painting Station (decorating a pillow case with neon paints), Ring Toss, and the Glow-in-the-Dark Perle Bead Station.

Lights out – black lights on!

Later we sat around our indoor (fake) campfire and discussed verses in the bible that show us that “Jesus is our light”.

Girls all pose for a Black light photo shoot.

Ready for bed, snug as a bug in a rug!

Black Light 2018 4

Saturday Morning – Art

The next morning, after a breakfast of waffles and fruit, the girls continued making glow-in-the-dark Perler Bead shapes.

Saturday Morning – Movie Time

Black Light 2018 2

At 10am we all got comfy, with a snack, to watch the movie “The Star – The Story of the First Christmas” an animated retelling from the animals perspective.

Lunch was at movie intermission and hotdogs were served.

Saturday Afternoon – Food CollectionBlack Light 2018 1

After the movie we headed out to do our service project, collecting food donations. Chris Lopak was kind enough to drive along with us, as we walked, so we could put collections into the back of his truck. Thanks Chris!

Another service project the girls did, during our food collection were “Random Acts of Kindness” where unsuspecting people were given a small gift and wished a Merry Christmas by the girls.

Pick-up was at 2pm.

Christmas Food Hamper CollectionDec 1 2018-Christmas Food Hamper Collection
(Dec. 1st, 2018)

Thank you Hampton!

The Explorers were so happy to fill the truck with all your generous donations they collected this afternoon.

Three local families will have a merrier Christmas because of you!

Random Acts of Kindness
(Dec. 3rd, 2018)

The girls who were unable to be at the food collection on Saturday came and we finished our remaining “Random Acts of Kindness” where unsuspecting people were given a small gift and wished a Merry Christmas by the girls.

The girls also helped sort and box up the food we’d collected.

T.H.E.E. Farmers Parade of Lights
(Dec. 6th, 2018)

Several of the girls were on the Eldad United Church’s float in the THEE Farmers Parade of Lights. THEE stands for the Tyrone, Haydon, Enniskillen and Enfield farmers.

Here are some great snapshots of Eldad’s float taken by our own Rev. Ned Wells.

Christmas Computer Lab
(Dec. 10th, 2018)

Jesus Was Born (Bible Champions 2 CD-Rom by Third Day Games)
Jesus Was Born Bible Champions 2 Here the girls heard and interacted with Luke 2:1-20 as they journeyed into Bethlehem to find Mary & Joseph, then headed out into the fields to find the shepherds. After the angels announcement they followed the shepherds to the stable to worship the newborn king. Then the girls had to find five people and tell them the Good News! Along the journey, the girls also performed acts of kindness, by assisting anyone in the game who asked for their help.

The Wise Men Bring Gifts to Jesus (Bible Champions 2 CD-Rom by Third Day Games)The Wise Men Gave Gifts to Jesus Bible Champions 2
Here the girls heard and interacted with Matthew 2:1-12 as they journeyed into Bethlehem in search of the three Wise Men. They learned of the Wise Men’s stop to see King Herod, then later found the Wise Men outside a house in Bethlehem where Jesus is now a toddler. The Wise Men present their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and then in a dream they are told to not return to King Herod but head straight for home.

During game-play the girls were required to complete worksheets, for both games. Above screen shots taken during game play.

Christmas Party
(Dec. 17th, 2018)

Tonight upon arriving the girls signed their names to everyone’s pillow case that each girl had painted at the Night of Light Sleepover.

Next we gathered in a circle and talked about the Random Acts of Kindness the girls had done recently. Then we played the 12 Christmas Gifts game. Here each girl was handed a wrapped gift and were then asked if they had the gift of _________ (example “a house to live in that was warm”), if there answer was yes, they then traded their wrapped gift with another person. With each of the 12 Christmas Gifts we talked about those who don’t have the luxury of having that gift, which we take for granted. Once we had gone through all of the 12 Christmas Gifts the girls opened the box they had now in their hands. Inside each box was a knitted beanie ponytail hat, knitted by Kim.

We then gathered around the table to make edible nativity scenes to take home.

Then they each decorated a gingerbread man which they then took back to the circle, with a drink, to eat.

One recent receiver of our Random Acts of Kindness came to our meeting to thank the girls for their generosity and had brought her own Random Act of Kindness, treat bags she had made for the girls with home-made cookies, to wish them all a very Merry Christmas.

The Story of Esther
(Jan. 14th & Feb. 4th, 2019)

We split the girls into two groups and each week they attended one of the following:

E-Prophets of Baal

Group 1 – Esther Computers

The girls went on an interactive journey through the story of Esther (Awesome Bible Stories CD-ROM by Sunday Software), that also included a short video of how Jewish children celebrate Purim today, a quiz that reinforced story knowledge, and a fun connect-four game called “Haman vs Mordecai”. Each computer team had a worksheet to fill in of questions based on the pop-up study notes that appeared throughout the software.

Group 2 – Esther Puppets & Jeopardy

The girls performed a puppet skit on the story of Esther–the girl whose faith and action saved her people. The script was narrated and contained “cues” for the puppeteers to follow (script from Rotation.org).

After the puppet skit, the girls broke into two teams and played Jeopardy to test their story knowledge. There were 5 categories: Ahhhhh, Boo, Hooray, May He Live Forever, and Who Am I? Each category had five questions, and each question had an A,B,C or D answers to choose from. The teams kept score on their Hangman board by flipping over their answer choice (A, B, C or D) and if they were correct, they flipped over a hangman piece.

Winter Camp “Polar Blast”
(Feb. 8th–10th, 2019)

Friday Evening

First order of the evening was to set-up their sleeping areas on the stage.

Then it was time to do the “Snow in the Bible Activity Sheet” using our bibles, which was then followed by making Snow Shooters.

Campfire time: started with Jesus Took Our Sins Upon Himself on the Cross (demonstrated through a candle science experiment), snack – Smores, singing, ending with two Mad Lib Sleepover funny stories conducted by two of the girls, then off to bed for quiet time before lights out.


Breakfast: Waffles, berries, scrambled egss, milk and juice.

Craft Rotations: Paper Plate Hearts, Perler Bead Snowflakes, Painting Valentine Puzzle Pieces, Tinfoil Sparkly Icicles, Wooden Forgiveness Cross, Sewing Wooly Mittens, Snow Seed Demonstration & filling Snow Seed Bottles.

Snack: Banana penquins, water.

Game Rotations: Several Fake Snowball Games – here are pictures of two of them


Lunch: Hot chocolate, mini-pizzas, veggies & dip, milk, water or juice, and Rice Krispies snowballs.

Workout: Dance competitions using the VeggieTales Dance Pads.

Cool Down – now for a little beginner’s Yoga.

Dinner: Cesear Salad, spaghetti, sauce, cheese, jello icebergs, and snowball donuts.

Skating at Darlington Arena from 6-7:30pm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back to church for hot chocolate, then off to bed for quiet time before lights out.


Pack up.

Breakfast: Melon, cantaloupe, toast, sausages, oatmeal, milk or juice.IMG_0689

Craft: Random Act of Kindness – Valentine Cards for congregation were created with the puzzle pieces, painted on Saturday. These were handed to out to everyone after the service by the girls. Leftovers cards were given to Rev. Ned to take to Strathaven Nursing Home.

Church time – headed upstairs for church and then back downstairs for Sunday School.

“Mary Anoints Jesus” Storytelling Ice Cream Workshop.

Here Luanne did an interactive retelling of the story.Alabaster Jar & Spikenard Anointing Oil

Jesus arrived for dinner (ice cream), disciples sat down at the table too (crumble cookie), they were at Lazarus’ home (nose), Mary & Martha prepared the meal (eyes), Mary surprised everyone by coming to the table with an alabaster jar (passed around a small alabaster jar). Mary Anointing Jesus Ice Cream SundayMary broke open the jar and anointed Jesus’ with Nard (we passed around a bottle of Spikenard anointing oil to smell), Spikenard plants are made up of clusters of spikes the size of a finger (licorice and passed around a small bag of dried pieces of a spikenard plant). We learned how upset Judas was at Mary for wasting precious money and Jesus’ response was read from the bible (Mark 14:69). Everyone had their ice cream “Jesus” anointed with chocolate and/or caramel syrup. Then we enjoyed our tasty treat as we participated in a quiz on the story (M&M for a correct answer).

The Explores provided lunch and stayed for fellowship with the parents, who were able to attend, and the congregation. Then it was time for home.

Valentine’s Day Party
(Feb. 11, 2019)


Girls made a couple of Valentine Heart crafts and also a bird feeder Fruit Loop Heart to hang in a tree at home.

We also played a game of Guess Who, where the girls read a list of character traits and events and tried to guess which bible character they referenced.

Characteristics of a God’s Girls
(Feb. 25, 2019)

Self Portrait Beth 1

Tonight we continued our discussion on Famous Women in history and the Bible.

Everyone was asked to find and sit on their body outline drawing (they had done back in November) and we reviewed the stories and characteristics of those women.

Amanda Self Portrait 2019

Once we’d finished they were asked to write as many of their own traits/characteristics onto their body outline of themselves. They could also add features and clothing to their figures as well (some got pretty creative!). We then had each girl share three traits/characteristics about themselves they’d written. Finally everyone added to their drawing “I am God’s girl.”

We followed this by playing some parachute games: The Days of Creation, Animals of Creation, and finished up with Cat & Mouse.

Jesus Healing the Blind
(Mar. 4, 2019)

We read the related scriptures from our Bibles. Games: Blind Pictionary (Winter Words Theme) and a Braille Game, trying to decipher words from the story written in Braille.
(No meeting March 11th or 18th.)

Easter Story Overview Begins
(Mar. 25, 2019)

We played an Easter Memory Matching Game.

Made Cross Suncatchers.

God’s Story Table – focus on the sequence of events.  The girls became movie directors, setting up Lego Scenes (characters, props, backgrounds) of the Easter events, then becoming camera operators as they took photos of their scene.

Later these photos will be imported into Kid Pix software where they will then be able to do voice-overs, and create a slideshow.

Easter Story Overview Continues
(Apr. 1, 2019)

Good News Bracelets – made by girls so they could share the Good News with others.  A laminated card was also sent home explaining what each colour represented.

Resurrection Empty Tomb Pudding Snacks – created and enjoyed by the girls.

Easter Story Activity Sticker Books were giving to all the girls and here they are working on them, to be taken and finished at home.


God’s Story Table – we continued staging our Lego Easter scenes and taking photos.

Food Bank Collection in Hampton Village
(Apr. 8, 2019)

Tonight we walked the village collecting for the food bank.

Thanks to the village of Hampton community.  You are awesome!  The food you donated when sorted filled over 20 large boxes!

The girls will be delivering the food to the Salvation Army in Bowmanville on April 15th, were we will hold our meeting and they will tour and learn all about the Salvation Army Foodbank.

Thanks again to Chris Lopak for following us in his truck, as we walked the village, so we could simply place the donations collected directly into the back of his truck. You are awesome!

Salvation Army Food Bank BowmanvilleSalvation Army Bowmanville
(Apr. 15, 2019)

Thanks to Major Roy Snow (Pastor) and Andrew Cherry (Community Services Worker) for allowing the girls to visit the food bank and learn all about the services you provide.

We learned how the food bank operates and that you do a lot more. You also provide Diapers, formula, baby food, sending kids to summer camp, toys for children at Christmas, and the Back to School Back Pack program.

We learned that the people of Clarington are very giving, donating food and money in support of these programs. The girls saw this generosity first hand when they did the food drive in Hampton where we were able to fill over 20 large boxes with the food donated by the residents of Hampton, to their food drive, the previous Monday. (During the week Kim and Chris had sorted and packed the food into boxes, so we could bring it with us when we visited tonight. Thanks Kim and Chris!)

We also learned how local stores donate food at the end of the day, like bread, fresh fruit and vegetables.

We ended the visit by thanking them for the great work they do and allowing us to spend the hour with them.

I know the girls and adults left thinking how we might each do more to help others.

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV)

Easter Breakfast Fundraiser
(Apr. 20, 2019)

We had a great turnout at our Easter Breakfast on Saturday morning, thanks to everyone who attended and supported the event!IMG_0433

The girls did a fantastic job of serving breakfast and making sure the kitchen staff knew when they were running short on a breakfast item. They also collected empty plates and set them on the back counter for the washing up crew.

When it was close to 10:30 am they were thrilled to finally be able to have breakfast themselves, as they been serving since 8:30 am.

Then after the breakfast they helped to clear tables, stack chairs, and tidy up!

Also, thanks to the parents of the Playgroup and Explorers who donated all our breakfast supplies. As well as, a special thank you to the Hampton General Store, when we ran out of eggs and ran over to buy more and they wouldn’t let us pay for them, what great supportive neighbours they are!

Pictures of the breakfast below.

Easter Story Voice-Overs
& Singing in the Shower (Jesus Feeds the 5000)
(Apr. 29, 2019)

No meeting Apr. 22 (Easter Monday).

Easter Story Voice-Overs

Tonight the girls’s did their voice-overs, using the software Kid Pix 4, for their Easter Slide Show created from pictures they’d taken during their photo-shoot (Mar. 21 & Apr. 1) of Easter scenes created from Lego and then photographed in God’s Story Table. Here they recorded their voices telling what was happening in each photo scene, using the Kid Pix recording feature.

Jesus Feeds the 5000 – “Singing in the Shower” Drama/Music Workshop

The girls heard the miracle of  Jesus Feeding the 5000 with just 5 loaves & 2 fish, a sign that showed us Jesus is the Messiah.

The girls learned the words and tune for the song “Baby Shark” then did a mad-lib of the song inserting their new words that related to the bible story.  Then, in pairs, sang their new version in the shower “live” in front of a video camera. I mean “live” as the camera was connected to the TV in another room (the movie theater) where the rest of the girls watched the “live’ performances and couldn’t wait for their own turn. Lots of fun and laughter! (Lesson from Rotation.org.)

Noah’s Ark
(May 6, 2019)

Girl’s made a Perle Bead Rainbow for their camp hats.

We then sat and everyone read the bible story of Noah’s Ark. They read verses as noted on their sheet, in pairs or groups, and then answered questions relating to the verses of scripture they had just read.

We ended the evening by learning the song Arky Arky to add to our camp songs repertoire.

Camping ~ First AidIMG_0174
(May 13, 2019)

Early arrivers put together mini-first aid kits, one for each girl. Kits were a plastic soap dish with a red tape cross on lid. Inside they placed 2-alcohol wipes, a gauze bandage, 2-safety pins, twissors, 2-small bandages, 2-large bandages, and a pencil & paper.

We then gathered on the floor, in a prepared circle of emergency backpack items, and the girl’s were each asked to tell what items they found sitting in front of them and why they would be necessary and helpful to have in your emergency backpack when camping.

Emergency Memory Game – girl’s learned the different positions they were to take in different situations, alone or with a partner(s), then learned where North, South, East and West were in relation to the room we were in. We then played a game where a situation or direction was called by the leader to see how quickly the girls could remember and move into position correctly.

We finished by the girls getting their mini-first aid kit, made earlier, and we looked to see what was inside and discussed the uses of each item. The girls can include these when packing for future camping trips.

Last Meeting of 2018-2019 Season
(May 27, 2019)

The girls chose the coloured material to make their crystal which will be revealed at camp in two weeks. Here are pictures showing them on day one (liquid) and again on day seven with some crystallization showing. We found it took four weeks (not the 1-6 days as indicated on the box.)

Then over to the Hampton Store to pick our favorite flavour of ice cream cones. Followed by a fun time together at Hampton playground for our last meeting!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sprint Camp “God Made Me Special!”
@ Emily Provincial Park
(June 7, 8, 9th, 2019)

Friday evening 6pm arrival: set-up their tent sleeping area, then off to camp fire site to fill out “All About Me Worksheets”.

Campfire Time: Get to Know You Circle Game, You Are Special Reading, then heard the storybook by Max Lucado “You Are Special” and discussed same. Camp fire snacks consisted of S’mores, hotdogs, and Marshmallow roast.


Breakfast: oatmeal and/or Peanut Butter roll-ups, and fruit.

Craft: God Made Me Special: Gratitude Jar Worksheet and Miniature Gratitude Jar Craft.

Hike.Hike 2

Craft Rotations:

1) “You are Special” Flip-Flops

The girls had to form a line and using only hand singles, no talking, arrange themselves in order of their shoe size. This was a fun challenge and the girls did an amazing job. Then the girls according to their shoe size, largest to smallest, selected a pair of flip-flops, their size, from the array of flip-flops laid across the picnic table

The girls then took strips of assorted colours and patterns of pre-cut cloth and tied these onto the Y-shaped straps to create one of a kind, special flip-flops.

2) “You are Special” Washer Necklaces

Washers were pre-painted black and then decorated by the girls with nail polish. Just like the girls, each one turned out unique and special.

3) ‘You are Special” Jelly Weave Memento for Camp Hat

Taking 7 -10″ lengths of wool in the Explorers colours of white (3) and red (4), knotted all at one end. This was then pushed thru the center hole in a cardboard circle. Then you take each string and place them in one of the 8 notch, leaving one notch empty. You find the empty notch, count three back, move that string to the empty notch. Now go to the empty notch and count three back again, and move that string to the new empty notch. Continue until your weaving coming out the end is the desired length.

This idea came from here.

Play Ground Time

We chose the campsite, for our camp fire and cooking area, specifically because it had a lovely playground area located right behind it for easy access

Lunch – Spaghetti, Veggies & Dip, Fruit.

Beach Fun

Pictures and details coming….

Dinner – Hamburgers, Caesar Salad, and Fruit.Camp Mad Libs

We cancelled the evening campfire, as the bugs were too bad, and headed to our tents for Camp Mad Libs, which the girls love doing.

Camp Mad Libs are where the girls complete a camp theme story by supplying words for the fill-in blanks (nouns, adverbs, numbers, adjectives, etc.), then they read the entirely silly story back and roar with laughter!


Breakfast: pancakes, Watermelon and other fruit.

Pack up sleeping area and clothes. Remove all personal items to tarp area for pick-up time. Assist leaders packing up kitchen area and supplies, sweeping out sleeping tents and taking them down.


Crystals started at our May 27th meeting were handed out to the girls, in a sealed container, so they could carry them safely home (as they were still mostly liquid) to observe the continuing process of crystallization. It took another week after camp for all the liquid to finally crystallize, as seen in the pictures below (Day 1, Day 7, and 2 of Day 28). They turned out pretty cool and “Luanne” learned an unexpected lesson in patience as she kept checking them everyday wondering why it was taking so long…and worrying they would never fully crystallize, every day, for 4 weeks! LOL

What We Did!

Year 1 (2017-2018) ~ Overview in pictures!

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