Business Arising out of the East Central Ontario Regional Council Annual Meeting, April 29-30, 2022.

ITEM 1: Mission Priorities for East Central Ontario Regional Council and Communities of Faith:

2022-04-29-30_003 MOTION (/) That that the East Central Ontario Regional Council adopt as the Mission Objective priorities for the balance of 2022 and through 2023;

Diversity and Inclusion: supporting the full participation of all people – with attention to intersectionality: a) Anti-racism, b) Affirming, c) Interfaith, d) Intercultural, e) Respectful Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

Climate and environment: Living with Respect in Creation

Economic Justice and Community Development

Investing in new Church Development and Innovative Ministries

ITEM 2: Revisions to License to Administer the Sacraments Policy for Candidates for serving in an Appointment:

2022-04-29-30_009 MOTION (Phil Wilson/Ian Robb) That the East Central Ontario Regional Council receive for information the revision to the License to Administer the Sacraments Policy, as adopted by the Assembly of Elders on November 26, 2021:

2021-11-26_176 MOTION (P. Wilson/I. Robb) That the East Central Ontario Regional Council Assembly of Elders concur with the amendments to the Policy such that prior to granting such license,

  1. Review and assess the applicant for
    • a) theoretical and theological training acquired through the completion of an accredited course of study on the sacraments. Dependent on the training path verification may be required by the Office of Vocation, the training institution/professor/instructor/mentor.
    • b) practical experience and reflection undertaken with the supervision and guidance of an education or pastoral charge supervisor, or other designated mentor appointed by the Regional Council. Opportunities to gain such experience may include occasions of pastoral visitation in preparation for Baptism, participation in sacramental worship preparation and shared leadership in the administering of sacraments. A verbal or written report of the Supervisor is required.
  1. Shall decide based on the experience and learning of the applicant and not on the duration of time. It is noted that the learning goals are candidate specific, learning is contextual, and the opportunities differ among Communities of Faith. In the formation of a new pastoral relationship and dependent on context, adequate practical experience and reflection opportunities may not be available the first six months of a new ministry. CARRIED