Eldad – Hampton Pastoral Charge of
The United Church of Canada.
Minister: Rev. James Feairs, B. A., M. Div., Retired Supply.

Organist & Choir Leader: Jennifer Pearce-Chambers
Livestream and song leader: Shawn Pearce-Chambers

June 14, 2020                                                                                     2nd after Pentecost

Livestream worship from Eldad during pandemic restrictions

People’s responses are in bold type.

We Gather with Praise


Gospel Jam: Amen, amen. 675. We have an anchor. 343. I love to tell the story.

Call to Worship: We greet one another as people of faith
We gather to celebrate God’s presence, and God’s love expressed through Jesus Christ
We come remembering Christ’s life and ministry,
And the life we are called to live.
We come as people on a journey, searching for ways to live out our faith in a new time.
We seek strength, wisdom, and companionship on our way. Let us rejoice together in God’s presence!

Opening Prayer: As a looked-for rain soaks the earth, may your peace and love fall upon us, God of life. From the beauty of nature around us, and from deep within us, be present, and quieten all that makes us unfocused and anxious. Lead us to await your presence in this hour as we worship. Then send us out refreshed, for the life that this week brings. We pray in Christ’s name, Amen.

Words of Assurance: May the peace of Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship and communion of God’s Holy Spirit, be with us all. Amen.

Life and Work of the Community of Faith
Sharing Time.

Song: 296. This is God’s wondrous world.

We Encounter God’s Word

Jeremiah 1:4-10. Jeremiah recounts his call.

Matthew 10:24-31. The twelve disciples are being sent out by Jesus for the first time. He does not sugar-coat their instructions.

Reader: The word of the Lord.
People: Thanks be to God.

Special Music Duet: “Written in red.”

Message: Reflections on the Rural and Village Church.

We Respond with Prayer and Thanksgiving

Song: 567. Will you come and follow me?

Prayer for Gifts and Givers: Bless the gifts given this day and this week, to our churches and to our Mission and Service projects and partner churches, in Canada and around the world. May you, O God, bless with strength and hope, all chaplaincies, aid-receiving churches, and shelters in our Region of East Central Ontario. Help us to uphold and assist those who help those who are most in need in this time; we pray in Christ’s name, Amen.

Prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

Closing Hymn: 497. Nearer, my God to thee.



Bible study based on the above Scriptures for Sunday June 14, 2020, 2nd after Pentecost.
From your retired supply minister Rev. Jim.
For all members and friends of Eldad-Hampton Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada.IMG_0283

Greetings again, friends!
What a great term ‘friend’ is. We tend to think the ‘disciples’ of Jesus are right up there; but at a certain point in one scripture he says, ‘I no longer call you disciples – I call you friends” . They have graduated! They have been promoted! Abraham is at one point called ‘a friend of God.’
Being a friend can be tough work, though. See today’s scriptures…

Please read: Genesis 21:8-21. Hagar is outcast with her son.
The story so far: Here is a Biblical soap-opera worth at least several episodes on As the Stomach Turns (remember Carol Burnett’s spoof soap?). God has promised Sarah and Abraham a son, but God as usual is taking too long about it, and time is ticking. So Sarah hands her slave girl Hagar (Sarah owns Hagar) over to Abraham to produce an heir for her (Sarah owns the heir). When Isaac, Sarah’s late surprise, comes along, she jealously demands that Abraham get rid of his son by Hagar, as well as Hagar. Abraham reluctantly complies. (See Genesis 3 where another Man (‘Adam’ means ‘man’) also shirks the blame. Is there a pattern here??)
Hagar and little Ishmael are dying of thirst in the desert. A handy angel helps them out.
Hagar promises herself that no son of hers will marry anyone from around here…
(Tune in next week, when Sarah’s own son will be in mortal danger!)

Background: The Abraham-Hagar-Ishmael line is why Islam sees Abraham as its own.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are called the ‘Abrahamic’ faiths because of this shared
figure.Paul notes that Abraham is a ‘friend’ of God; that is, it is his faith that is important, not his bloodline.
Starter: Have I had people in my background whose faith and ethnicity were different than mine? How did they enrich my life?
Reflect: Why might the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have been some kind of ‘tipping point’, when so many other instances of violence and racial injustice have not been?

Please read Matthew 10:24-31. Instructions for the disciples’ first mission on their own.
Do we remember the line from the old TV show, Mission Impossible? “Your mission, should you choose to accept it”? Or Star Trek: ‘to boldly go where no [man] has gone before’?
Starter: Do I remember my feelings on the first day of school? First ‘real’ job? Wedding day? Being promoted?
Reflect: Might I, as an original disciple, have heard these instructions and been brave enough to continue?
Have I considered the responsibility that ‘freedom to worship’ implies? Do I think I will I be more deliberate about my practice when I am ‘allowed’ to go to church again?

Blessings, Rev. Jim.

Printable PDF of above bible study – 200614BStudyPentecost2
Photo – Luanne Payne 2018 Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto