If you love me

Eldad – Hampton Pastoral Charge of
the United Church of Canada.

Minister: Rev. James Feairs, B. A., M. Div., Retired Supply.
Organist & Choir Leader: Jennifer Pearce-Chambers.
Livestreaming and song leader: Shawn Pearce-Chambers.

May 17, 2020              Victoria Day Weekend            6th Sunday of Easter

Livestreaming from Eldad during pandemic precautions

People’s responses are in bold type.
Song titles, are also links to lyrics (if available).

We Gather with Praise

Gospel Jam: Amen, Amen. 337 Blessed Assurance. 371 Open my eyes.

Call to Worship:
Come let us sing to God,
Let us shout with joy to the rock of our salvation!
Let us come into Gods presence with thanksgiving,
Let us joyously shout to God with songs of praise! (Psalm 95)

Opening Prayer:
God of wonder, inspiration, and praise: you touch our lives with your living presence. You shape our lives with your persistent calls for fairness, kindness, and trust. Life itself is your gift; and faith, hope, and love are our quest.
We praise you for the good news of which is offered us in following the risen Jesus Christ. May this time of worship edify us, strengthen us, and draw us together, even though we are still apart. May we be given power to live life in your Spirit, in this hour, in this week, in this season of gathering Spring. We pray in Christs name, Amen.

Words of Assurance:
God is the
love that over and around us lies. God is the grace that is completely unearned; God is the healing that makes the earth whole. We are called to live as people who are forgiven, loved, and free. Give thanks to God. Amen.

Life and Work of the Community of Faith
Sharing Time.

Song: 226 For the beauty of the earth.

We Encounter God’s Word

Acts 17:16-21. Paul is invited to a philosophical gathering.
Acts 17:22-34. Paul’s attempt to move them from philosophy to faith.
The Gospel of John 14:15-21. With the Spirit’s guidance, you will love me by keeping my commandments.
Reader: May the Spirit of the risen Jesus Christ lead us into all truth.
People: Thanks be to God.

Special Music Duet: Beyond the Sunset.


We Respond with Prayer and Thanksgiving

Song: 376. Spirit of the living God.

Prayer for Gifts and Givers:
God of all peoples, and God of all places, we continue our offerings for the work and missions of our churches. May our gifts be used to support work and worship in your world. Uphold and strengthen the churches across our Region of East Central Ontario. We hold up in your sight today, the people and minister of Cardiff-Paudash United Churches, that their gifts, and ours, may be a blessing, we pray in Christ
s name, Amen.

Prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer:
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

Closing Hymn: 333 Love divine, all loves excelling.


This week’s bible study – based on the scriptures for upcoming Sunday, May 17, 2020, Victoria Day Weekend.

From your retired supply minister Rev. Jim.
For all members and friends of Eldad-Hampton United Churches.

05062018-If You Love Me

Greetings and blessings, and prayers for patience, endurance, and health to all. I grew up in the country an hour south of Owen Sound; snow country where the winters lasted too long and I often felt stuck inside. These many years later: here it is mid-May, record cold, a little snow, – and everybody is stuck inside too much with pandemic restrictions! With Victoria Day long weekend here already! Well I know this long weekend was always the time when church attendance started the big drift away to summer; so if you are bearing with this study – thank you!

As before – please try to make the questions real for you. Talk them over with friend or family; give each other time to answer; write down or talk out some thoughts if alone.

Please read Gospel of John 14:15-21. Counsels and commands.

This passage follows the ‘many mansions’ promise, just before Jesus’ suffering and death.

He says when he is gone, they will have God’s living spirit within each of them, and in all of them, to guide them, the way he, Jesus, was guided, so they can carry on God’s work.

Starter question: Think of several people who have been your ‘good counselors’. Who could you always trust for calm feedback on your important questions, who still let you – and expected you – to make up your own mind?

My own ‘theology’ (understanding of God): How do I think God actually ‘works’ with me? How does God mostly ‘guide’ me? By my thoughts? By my deepest/best feelings? By circumstances? By scripture? By conversation and prayer with friends?

Reflect: Jesus’ ‘commands’ seem to be all based in love which begins in God. Love does not command, though, does it? Love attracts. What is attractive to you about a God of love?

Please read Book of Acts 17:16-34. Paul talks to some Greek philosophers.

Starter: Was there a class in school where I was ‘the smartest person in the room’? When have I felt like the opposite of ‘the smartest person in the room’?

Background: Paul is an intellectual, multi-lingual, at home in Jewish, Roman and Greek culture and thought. But Paul follows a faith – in a resurrected man, Jesus, – which must be experienced. It must be ‘caught, not taught.’

Paul begins talking to them through their own philosophical and poetical ideas, in order to present what he believes God is ‘about’ in Jesus.

Reflect: How successful is he? When it comes to helping another person have faith, what to you are several things that may be more effective than argument?

Prayer: Let us give thanks for those who have shown us their faith with their lives. Amen.

Livestream service continues at 11 am, changes will be coming, so let us keep on.

Blessings; Rev. Jim.

200517BStudyEaster6.pdf – above bible study