Explorers (Girls 7-10)

When we Meet

Weekly: Monday’s @ 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Place: Hampton United Church, CE Wing  (through back double doors).

How to register for the 2018-2019 season:

A FREE group for girls who will turn 7 before the end of year up to age 10.
If you missed registration night,  no problem, just sign up at any Monday night meeting. Registration Form (PDF)Explorers Registration Form 2018

Our mission:Explorers Emblen 2

…A place where your daughter (ages 7-10) will enjoy a program incorporating her interests and needs, that will teach her Christian values and how they can be used on a daily basis to love and help others, to respect and take care of the environment, and to grow up knowing God loves her and has a purpose and plan for her life.

Program Elements:

  • Bible study and its relevance to her life
  • Church and community service projects
  • Arts, crafts, music, and games
  • Outdoor activities and camping to explore Gods world

For more information contact:

Kim Hughes via email hampton.kids@hotmail.com or phone (905) 441-5747
Luanne Payne via email luanne.payne@sympatico.ca or phone (905) 263-4727


What we’ve been up to!

Christmas Food Hamper CollectionDec 1 2018-Christmas Food Hamper Collection
(Dec. 1st, 2018)

Thank you Hampton!

The Explorers were so happy to fill the truck with all your generous donations they collected this  afternoon.

Three local families will have a merrier Christmas because of you!


Night of Light Sleepover
(Nov 30th, 2018)

pictures coming….

Our 2nd Annual Black Light Themed Church Sleepover –  fun times again!

Everyone was invited to come dressed in white and neon colours. When the girls arrived at 6pm they received a bandana with their name printed on it in neon paint, and a couple of glow-in-the-dark necklaces.

The girls began the evening by having their nails painted in neon colours at the nail polish station. This was followed by a Flashlight Books of the Bible Scavenger Hunt.

Then we broke into groups and hit the blacklight stations: Ring Toss, Plinko, Bowling, Mini Putt, and painting a pillow case with neon paints.

Later we sat around our indoor (fake) campfire and we discussed verses in the bible that show us that  “Jesus is our light.”

The next morning a breakfast of waffles and fruit and then the girls made glow-in-the-dark Perler Bead shapes.

At 10am we watched the movie “The Star – The Story of the First Christmas” an animated retelling from the animals perspective.

Lunch was at movie intermission and hotdogs were served.Dec 1 2018-Christmas Food Hamper Collection

After the movie we headed out to do our service project, collecting food donations. Chris Lopak was kind enough to drive along with us,  as we walked, so we could put collections into the back of his truck. Thanks Chris!

Another service project the girls did, during our food collection, and finished during Monday night’s meeting, were “Random Acts of Kindness” were unsuspecting people were given a small gift and wished a Merry Christmas by the girls.

Pick-up was at 2pm.

Self-Defense Class at Redemption Muay Thai,
in Bowmanville (Nov. 26, 2018)

Self Defense Class Funny Faces 2018Last night the girl’s got a real workout at Redemption along with learning a few simple moves to take down their partner.

Above is them posing at the end of the class with their best funny faces for the instructors.

Below is a slideshow of some of the moves the girls were put through.

Thanks to the gang at redemption for a very fun evening, the girls had a blast!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Famous “Women” of the Bible
(Nov. 12, 2018)

Tonight the girls learned about a few famous Women of the Bible.  We broke into groups and the girls selected a Women of the Bible from the material provided to research their choice. They filled out a worksheet with the woman’s name, her story summarized, and what character traits she had that helped her be the woman she was.  They then practiced a short skit and a song about their woman of the bible.

We then all gathered to hear about each group’s Women of the Bible and then watched and learned from their skit & song performances.

At a future meeting we’ll be comparing the two groups of women (famous Canadian Women and Women of the Bible) . The girls also traced each other onto large rolls of paper which we will use when we look at their own character trails.

Here are some photos of the girls doing their skits on Women of the Bible.




Famous “Canadian” Women
(Nov. 5, 2018)

Tonight the girls learned about several famous Canadian Women.  We broke into groups of two and the girls were given material to research their famous Canadian Women and learn a song (sung to a familiar tune) about that women’s story. From their research, they filled in a worksheet with the woman’s name, what she was famous for, and what character traits she had that helped her be the woman she was.  Each group then shared their findings and the information was written onto a chart.  Then they sang their song to the group.  Next week we’ll be doing famous women of the bible and the week after we will be comparing the two groups of women.

Christmas Craft Show & Bake SaleDSC04016
(Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018)

The girls raised funds of $416.00 for their Explorers program.  They told people about the program and kindly asked for donations to support it.  As a donation thank you, donators could choose from handmade gifts made by the girls: Christmas Ornaments, Chocolate Mint Suckers, Gift Tags, etc.


Party Night
(Oct 29, 2018)

Girls were invited to wear a costume if they wished.  We started the evening off looking up verses of Thanksgiving in the Bible.

Games: 1) Guess How Many? (Candy Corn in a jar); 2) Blow Your Leaf – teams raced leaves by blowing them along with a straw; 3) Turkey Waddle – relay race waddling along trying to keep a balloon between their legs.

Craft: Yarn Pumpkin





Make a Snack: Monster Marshmallows





Ornament Making
(Oct 15 & Oct 22, 2018)

To raise funds to support the “free” Explorers program the girls created hand-made Christmas Ornaments.

These the girls will be selling (for a donation) at the Hampton United Church Christmas Craft & Bake Sale that takes place on November 3rd, 2018 from 9 am – 2 pm.

Here are the girls hard at work making the ornaments.





Night WalkEnniskillen Conservation Walk 2018
(Oct 1/18)

Everyone met at Kim’s and then we headed north on our night walk (lucky us – no rain) down to the Enniskillen Conservation Area.

Once there we paused for a quick photo shoot under the entrance sign.

Then we enjoyed walking the Turtle Trail before heading back to our starting point.

Explorers Purpose and Emblem
(Sept 24/18)

Evening activities included: Globe Trotting Prayers Game, Felt Emblems, Explorers Purposes Order Race, Get to Know You Pose Game, Sang our theme song “Pass It On” and ended with Pass It On hand squeeze.

Felt Emblems 9_24_18

Get to Know You Games & Tag Necklaces
(First Meeting – Sept 17/18)

Played get to know you games like “My Name is, I like…., I don’t like….”; “Crazy Chairs”, and ended with making Tag Team Necklaces – where girls decorated 6 key tags, one to keep, and five to give away to their fellow Explorers.

Tag Team Tags 1

Fisher’s of Men CampEnd of Camp 4
@ Darlington Provincial Park
(Sept 7, 8 & 9/18)

Friday Evening Camp

As girl’s arrived they set-up their sleeping area.

Craft Time

Fishers of Men Camp Mug 9_7_18

Camp Mug – coloured Fisher’s of Men insert for their camp mug.

Fishers of Men Camp Seek and Find Art 9_7_18

God’s Creation – Seek & Find Pictures

These were fun! The girls selected from an assortment of camp scene pictures and traced the scene onto a write-on transparency sheet with a black marker. Once their background scene was complete they added hidden animals into their scene.  Lastly, they attached a black background and cut-out and coloured their paper flashlight and voila ~ you have a Search and Find picture of God’s Creatures at Camp.

Night WalkSnap Dragons

Observing Snap Dragon Flowers and why they are called “Snap”, touch one and you’ll see!

We observed all the different intricate spider webs and varying sizes of spiders that had come out for their evening supper (insects caught in their webs).

Camp Fire

We enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on the camp fire.  Fric and Frac told the story of the first disciples and then we did our first Camp Mad-Lib and finished off the evening with some camp fire songs.

Saturday Camp

Breakfast – pancakes or cereal, and fruit.

Craft Time

Camp Hat Buttons & Fisher’s of Men Camp Pencils

Beach Time

1) ~Treasure Hunt ~ searching for small rocks of unusual shape or colour for a later craft project.




2)~Sand Castle Building.




3)~Fish made with lots of rocks gathered from up and down the beach.

Camp Beach Photo 4

4)~Observing a Monarch caterpillar on their favorite food source—Milkweed.


Craft Time

I Will Follow Jesus Paperweight – here the girls inserted the small rocks they found earlier on the beach into the clay.  Can you see the two sets of footprints ~ Jesus and them?




Here the girl’s had some fun with the leftover clay!




Lunch– make your own combination taco salad.

Playground Time & Parachute Play




Tagging Monarchs

We lucked out on Saturday afternoon and were able to attend a talk about the Monarch butterflies and the girls got to tag a Monarch and release it.

Below is a snippet from the Park’s Blog on the Monarch Butterflies

“Near summer’s end, Monarch butterflies begin to migrate south to Mexico. Darlington Provincial Park is part of a greater Monarch conservation program and tags Monarch butterflies at its annual migration festival held in early September. This popular event attracts young families who are encouraged to help with the tagging. Even though up to 100 million Monarchs migrate every fall, this butterfly is threatened by pollution. Tagging the Monarchs helps to track their numbers.”

Below is a video of one of the girl’s being shown how to tell if her Monarch was a male or female, tagging it (they were each given a matching tag number card), then were shown how to hold it so they could take it out into the open to release it.

Here also is a link to the Monarch Tagging site https://monarchwatch.org/tagging/.




Below are photos of each of the girls helping to tag a Monarch butterfly and then releasing it.




Heading back to Camp

End of Camp 1

Game – Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt

Dinner – pasta, sauce, cheese and veggies & dip.

Camp Fire

We enjoyed Blueberry Cobbler cooked over the camp fire for dessert and S’mores Cones. We played “Conversation Starters Game, filled-in activity sheets on the Fisher’s of Men, and enjoyed doing more Camp Mad Libs, and singing camp fire songs.




Sunday Morning Camp

End of Camp 6

Breakfast – oatmeal or cereal, grapes and blueberries.

Pack-up Time

Craft Time

Fishers of Men Camp Fun Foam Fish 9_9_18

Fisher’s of Men Fun Foam Fish Mosaic.

Pickup and home!

Last Year


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