Explorers (Girls 7-9)

When we Meet

Monday’s –   6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Place: Hampton United Church, CE Wing

Last Meeting Date for the 2017-2018 season— May 14th, 2018.
Spring Camp — Friday, May 25th-26th, 2018 – Explorer Spring Camp Packing List

Our mission:Explorers Emblen 2

…A place where your daughter (ages 7-9) will enjoy a program incorporating her interests and needs, that will teach her Christian values and how they can be used on a daily basis to love and help others, to respect and take care of the environment, and to grow up knowing God loves her and has a purpose and plan for her life.

Program Elements:
  • Bible study and its relevance to her life
  • Church and community service projects
  • Arts, crafts, music, and games
  • Outdoor activities and camping to explore Gods world

For more information contact:

Luanne Payne via email luanne.payne@sympatico.ca or phone (905) 263-4727 or
Kim Hughes via email hampton.kids@hotmail.com or phone (905) 441-5747


2018 Fun times at Explorers!

May 2018
Creation in a Cup & Sewing Explorer Scarf

The girls were really busy tonight as we had two projects on the go.Creation in a Cup 4Creation in a Cup 3

Art Station – as Luanne retold the story of creation, as found in Genesis 1, the girls created “Creation in a Cup” (pictured) by adding items to their small world to represent what happened each day. This idea was adapted from “Tiny World in A Cup” that aired on  CBC’s Artzooka.

Creation in a Cup and Scarves 2

Sewing Machine Station – we had brought in two sewing machines. Here Kim & Melissa, each pulled a girl  from the Art station so they could teach them how to sew a hem. Each girl sewed (hemmed) their own Explorer Scarf (see red scarf in photo). Once their scarf was completed they headed back to the Art station, continuing  working on their “Creation in a Cup”.

April 2018
Fruit of the Spirit ~ Art Night

The girls decorated wooden “Fruit of the Spirit – Tic Tac Toe” boards which they could take home and play with families and friends.

Flowers & Pollinators

During the evening Beth and a friend came and talked to the girls about planting wildflower seeds to support butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.  They gave a demonstration of how pollination is done by the pollinators and discussed how by planting the wildflower seeds around their home and/or neighbourhood they would be doing a kindness to our environment and a way to also celebrate of Earth Day, which was on April 22.

All the girls were given an assortment of wildflower seeds, for light and shade, in an envelope, to take home and plant.

Fruit of the Spirit ~ Drama Night

To start off our exploration of the Fruit of the Spirit, the girls were separated into four groups of three girls each.  Being short two girls leaders, Luanne & Melissa helped make up one group.

Each group was then handed a script (each script reflected a different Fruit of the Spirit in a modern day setting involving three kids  – Jeffrey/Peter/Maggie).  Groups went off to different corners of the room for five minutes to decide on who was doing which part and to practice their Fruit skit.

Then we all sat down to watch as each group performed their skit based on a Fruit of the Spirit.

After the first four scripts were done, we had so much fun the girls wanted to continue, so we broke all the girls into new groups to do four more Fruit Skits.

What a talented group of girls we have!  They also showed great Love, Joy, and Kindness as they cheered and clapped after each group’s performance!

Fruit of the Spirit ~ KabobsIMG_0003

We finished off the evening with the girls each making a Fruit Kabob, from the nine fruits provided.Fruit of the Spirit Book

We then gathered in a circle to enjoy our Fruit Kabobs and hear the story “9 Fruits Alive”.

March 2018
Easter Breakfast Fundraiser

We had a great turn out for our first Easter Breakfast Fundraiser held at the church on Saturday morning (March 31).  We wish to thank all who attended and supported us.  Your donations of $435.00 will be split between the “Explorers” and “Mome & Tots” programs.

Also, thanks to all the parents who donated food items for the breakfast and the Explorer girls who were able to attend and help with the cooking, serving, and clean-up.

What happens at the Food Bank & Last Supper (Computer Lab)

Food Bank Helpers

We started off the evening by learning what takes place at our local food banks.  Hampton U.C. had been collecting food items for Easter Hampers for four families.

The girls became food bank volunteers for the evening.

First, they had to sort the food that had been donated into one of 8 categories: cereal, meat, vegetables, alphagetti/zoodles, spaghetti/noodles/sauce, condiments (ketchup/dressing), cake mixes/icing/fruit, and soup/crackers.

Once the food was sorted it was now time to count the number of items in each category and report that to the food bank supervisor.

Lastly, they were asked to sort all the donated items equally and fairly for four families.  They then proceeded to sort the items into four areas (one per family), making sure that each family received items from each food category.

Leaders then boxed the food later and Luanne delivered them.


Last Supper (Computer Lab)

In the computer lab, the girls broke into groups and we used the game: Jesus in Space: Mission #2 to Planet Whammo.

The game entailed the girls landing Lt. Stu on the planet Whammo.  Here they had to decide if the robots are correct in their retelling of the Easter story. If Stu messes up, he gets zapped! Anytime the robot gets it wrong, Whammo!

Followed by the game “Whammo Labs”  which involved navigating Lt Stu through different levels of the Whammo Labs–avoiding smasher robots and various robot recycling machinery.  There are several locked doors that were only opened by answering a question about the items found on a Seder Plate.

A fun way to learn all about the Last Supper!

Parachute Game Night

We had great fun at our parachute game night.

We played several, fun and active parachute games, to name a few: Ball Roll, Merry-Go-Round, Poison Snakes, Parachute Tag, Mushroom, The Wave, Rollerball, All Change, “Fisher’s of Men” and “Crossing the Red Sea”.

Easter Game Night

Here we heard the story of Jesus’ last week by playing through a series of 10 game stations that covered: Palm Sunday, Sneaky Temple Merchants, the Last Supper, Judas’ Betrayal, Peter’s Denial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection, Commission and Ascension.

We clip-clopped like a donkey, kicked the sneaky merchants out of the temple, set the table for the Last Supper then joined the disciples in the upper room, searched for the one who betrayed Jesus, heard Peter’s denial and the rooster crow, and spread the gospel message around the world.

Feb 2018

What does the bible tell us about Heaven?

The girls drew a picture of what they considered the perfect place (paradise) would look like.  The pictures involved lots of sea breezes, flowers, and beaches.

Then they were asked what they thought heaven looked like?  The girls gave their thoughts and then we opened our Bibles to find the answers.  We looked up several scripture verses and noted what each told us about heaven.

We finished off by drawing what heaven may look like from what we learned from the scriptures.

Outdoor scavenger hunt

While taking a nature walk/scavenger hunt through Hampton park with flashlights, we also made ice cream. Everyone carried a small container which they shook throughout our walk, creating ice cream which we ate at the end of the evening.

Jan 2018

What is a parable? We learned about the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin.

Winter Camp (Jan. 19 – 21/18)

It was a great weekend for all who attended!  For outdoor activities on Saturday, we went skating on Hampton Pond in the morning and tobogganing behind the Hampton Community Center in the afternoon.  For crafts over the weekend the girls made friendship bracelets, a clay  Inuksuk, snowflakes from Pearly beads, and hand sewed a mini felt mitten. Thanks to Kim’s mom for handling kitchen duties for us!

2017 Fun times at Explorers!

Ornament Making

At one of our meetings in October, the girls created unique Christmas ornaments, chocolate candies, and gift tags.  These were used as thank yous to anyone who made a donation to support the Explorers Program during the Hampton United Church Christmas Craft and Bake Sale on Nov. 4, 2017.

Thank you to all those who offered us their support!


Night Walk

Another meeting in November we met at Kim’s home and went for a night walk, unfortunately, it was a cloudy night so we couldn’t see the stars, but we still thoroughly enjoyed the outing, listening for the different night sounds, and singing as we walked back to our starting point.

Night of Light

Church Sleepover with a Blacklight Theme – great fun for all involved!

Everyone was invited to come dressed in white and neon colours. The girls began the evening by having their nails painted in neon colours at the nail polish station.  This was followed by a Books of the Bible Flashlight Scavenger Hunt. Next, it was mini-pizza time (thanks to the moms who created the pizza’s in the kitchen while we were playing!)


Then we broke into four groups and hit the blacklight stations: Plinko, Bowling, Mini Putt, and painting. During the event, the children received a glow in the dark necklace, bracelet, glow stick, neon headband, happy face glow pin, and a Night of Ligh 2017 T-Shirt.

Later we sat around our indoor (fake) campfire and sang campfire songs and ate ‘smores (thanks again to the moms who prepared the ‘smores for us).

Lastly, we set about blowing up everyone’s air mattresses and taking turns having our picture taken in front of the blacklight photo booth backdrop. We finally settled in for the night and the next morning while waiting for a breakfast of pancakes and fruit they decorated the breakfast tablecloth using gel pens. After breakfast, everyone received a glow-in-the-dark cannister of slime, to their immense pleasure, and the slimy fun continued until parents arrived!

Collecting for the Christmas Food Hampers

At the November 27th meeting the girls broke into three groups and visited as many houses, in Hampton, as our time allowed, collecting food items for the Hampton U.C. Christmas Food Hampers.  Thanks to all who donated!  We collected a total of 218 food items plus $40 cash!

Christmas Party

The girls had great fun decorating chocolate houses!choc-houses-dec-2017-explorers.jpg