Activities/ideas the girls (and siblings) can do at home relating to the Bedtime Bible Stories with The Skit Guys on . . . .


In this episode, Eddie plays four of the main characters from the story of Esther as Tommy narrates the story. Aside from laughing out loud at Eddie’s characters, you’ll learn about how God used Esther, and think about how God can use you “for such a time as this.”

Words – For such a time as this.

Scripture (NIV): Esther

Memory Verse: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

Short Animated Video

This short animated version is from the Share and Learn Bible. Of the many Esther videos that I previewed this was the only one which included the famous line said by Mordecai to Esther, “for such a time as this.”

Music Video

Here is Matthew West’s official video for his song “Do Something”. Esther decided to do something for the time she found herself in.

Watch the video, then as a family think of things where you could – Do Something – “for a time such as this” and make up your own signs and post around the house as reminders.  Examples: Be kind. Be helpful. Share.