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Watch Bedtime Bible Stories by the Skit Guys Videos.

Each week there are 3 new videos: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night at 8:30pm (our time). Except as noted below.

Season 4 – Sundays only during June & July 2021
Season 3 kicked off on Thursday, Jan. 21/21 – ended April 4th.
Season 2 kicked off on Sunday, Aug. 24/20
Season 1 kicked off on Monday, Mar. 22/20

 Bible Activities LogoIf you missed a night, no problem, all the videos done to date can be viewed on either of the Skit Guys channels
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Note: This link takes you to the Skit Guys YouTube Bedtime Bible Stories Index. They are listed from top to bottom, newest to oldest, so it’s easy to scan down to see where you left off watching.

Luanne & Kim

Notice – January 23, 2021

Season 1 videos and the first 8 videos of Season 2 (up to “The Persistent Widow”) are posted here, see links below.
Some have additional material included (other story related videos, music videos, or activities) as compiled by Luanne.

For previous stories, click on the links below:

(S2) indicates Season 2

Old Testament


      • Creation
      • Adam & Eve
      • Cain & Abel (S2)
      • Noah’s Ark
      • Jacob & Esau
      • Rachel & Leah
      • Joseph (Part 1 & 2)


      • Moses and the Burning Bush
      • Moses Parts the Red Sea
      • Ten Commandments: No Other Gods
        • Plus, The Greatest Commandment (Mark 12:28-34)
        • Hebrews 10:24 (NIV)And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,”


      • 12 Spies
      • Balaam’s Donkey


      • Fall of Jericho


      • Sampson and Delilah
      • Ehud

Samuel and Kings

      • Samuel & Eli
      • Samuel Anoints David
      • David & Goliath
      • David & Jonathan
      • Elijah and the Widow



      • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
      • Daniel & the Lions


New Testament

Disciples of Jesus

      • Call of Peter


      • The Persistent Widow (S2)
      • Parable of Talents
      • Wise & Foolish Builders
      • Prodigal Son (Part 1 &2)
      • Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Lord’s Prayer)
      • Good Samaritan

Other Teachings of Jesus

Sermon on the Mount

      • The Golden Rule (S2)
      • Specks and Logs


      • Jesus Heals a Boy – Anything is Possible (S2)
      • Feeding the 5,000
      • Jesus Calms the Storm
      • Jesus Heals the Leper
      • Jesus Heals the Lame Man
      • Lazarus

People Jesus Met

      • John the Baptist (S2)
      • Jesus Blesses the Children (S2)
      • Jesus and Nicodemus (S2)
      • Rich Young Ruler
      • Zacchaeus
      • Jesus and the Perfume
      • Widow’s Offering


      • Palm Sunday
      • The Last Supper
      • Good Friday
      • Empty Tomb
      • Virtual Easter Egg Hunt


      • Paul’s Conversion
      • Paul & Silas in Jail